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As your school year begins to wind down, I’d like to give a shout out to all school bus drivers across the state of Indiana.  To quote a former transportation director, (Terry Busse from LaPorte Community Schools), “I have found in my community, the public does not know what it takes to transport students safely.  They do not know what drivers are expected to do and have to do to complete that task a couple of times a day, every day.”  So true!  Terry created and had the opportunity to present a video at a board meeting.  It highlighted some of the LaPorte bus drivers, but this could be bus drivers in any community across the state of Indiana.  The video shows what the drivers do for the community and their students.  Per Terry it was standing room only at the board meeting and the drivers received a standing ovation.  You really need to see this:

Staying with the same spirit of honoring bus drivers, I’d like to share a poem.  Sincere thanks to Susan Henderson, Transportation Director from Franklin Community Schools, who agreed to share this.


I’m the Mother, the Father, the Grandma, the Grandpa
I’m the sister, the brother, I’m the good morning, have a good day…
I’m the have a good evening or week-end, whatever the case may be!
I’m the tie the student’s shoes or even put them on, the zip up the coat, pull the hood on,
Or put on the hat, where are your gloves, then go out and buy them some. 
I’m the do you have fifty cents – I left mine at home!
But, I’m just the Bus Driver!

I’m the arrive early at work to make sure the bus is warmed up, and
The windows are clear, so they can be safe.
I’m the waits while they return home to get something forgotten, and
Patiently waiting while they slowly walk back to the bus.
I’m the bring their lunch, their bag, or even their shoes to school
Because they lost them on the bus…      But, I’m just the Bus driver!

I’m the call to the parent to let them know their child is sick,
Or has a bloody nose, or maybe just acting up!
I’m the make sure they’re safe, if there is no one at home,
Returning them to school or on another bus!
I’m the make sure they’re riding the right bus,
Going to the right place, on the right day!          But, I’m just the Bus Driver!

I’m the person that bears all the elements and idiots out there on the road,
Continuing to wonder if we’ll make it home tonight,
So we can start all over again tomorrow!
I’m the cheerleader, the coach, the one who keeps them safe,
While they do homework or sleep after they play.
I’m the let them eat on the bus, because they starved all week to make weight!
But, I’m just the Bus Driver!

I’m the criminal in the letter to the editor, and
Know the parent that called is positively sure they can do my job!
I’m the guilty person that kept their child safe,
With their hands to themselves and butts in place! 
I’m the person who drives with very few thanks; a shirt here and there, a lunch,
Labels, a few cards for thanks, and a jacket if I made it every day!
Whether sick, broken hearted, or dead – tired that is.       But, I’m just the Bus Driver!

Because I am the one who cares so much about my kids, my brothers,
My sisters, my family, and Mother of Yellow!
I’m the one that truly cares, takes pride in my job,
And has no fear of the snow, the rain, or the parent at the bus stop!
Or maybe I’m the one just crazy enough to take it serious
And call it a REAL JOB!
              By: Susan Henderson
                     Christmas 2006

Keep it safe,

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