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The 2015-2016 school year is off and running for most if not all of you. Hope your beginning went smoothly and your upcoming year goes well! The start of school brings the return of education to
the lives of children throughout the state of Indiana. It should also be the revisiting of best practices and education for your transportation staff; especially bus drivers. As the one who deals with the students and daily traffic challenges directly, your drivers can never have too much education.

Transportation leaders need to know teammates have heard and remember education shared. How is this done? By repeating things, repeatedly. If you do a Google search asking how many times a message needs to be repeated before it is remembered, you’ll find answers ranging from 3 times to 15 times! The trick is to package the same message in different ways. Not everyone learns the same way so be creative and change it up!

Speaking of education; I’d like to educate you a little bit with regard to STAI. I am the Executive Director of our organization (the only employee), but I do not make decisions on my own, nor am I “in charge”. I answer to the Board of Directors. I may be the messenger, the coordinator and the person who does the follow through, but the Board of Directors makes all decisions. You can see the names of those who comprise the Board in the link on this Home page,

Additionally, decisions such as the location of upcoming conferences are not made by me alone. The search process begins when the conference committee co-chairperson, Joyce West, and I make a visit to a site. If it passes our initial visit, we then ask the board to hold a meeting at the site which includes eating a brunch or lunch (taste testing the food). Finally, the board gets the input of all board members in making the decision to utilize the venue. We also consult our surveys which is why this year the event was held in Indianapolis.

Our continued goal is to provide you with tools to assist you and help you grow in the area of school bus transportation. The recent STAI conference in June was instrumental in this process, but don’t miss additional links on our website or the free training videos we have for your use. As your school year begins, stay tuned to messages from STAI and let us know if you have questions or needs. We’ll do our best to find answers.

Keep it safe,


Rodeo PhotoAnnual Safety Competition

2016 Annual Safety Competition
Date:  TBD
Location: TBD

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2016 Annual Conference
Dates: June 20-22, 2016
Location: Belterra Resort, 777 Belterra Drive, Florence, IN, 47020

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